Top Coffee Shops in Toronto, Canada

Canada ranks pretty high when it comes to coffee consumption globally. It comes in nineteenth place, only one step below Italy! This is not too surprising as a coffee obsession really has gripped the nation. Only people are not necessarily brewing it in their homes. No, they are headed out to coffee shops and cafés. This trend is especially apparent in a metropolis such as Toronto. If you are an avid coffee fan and want to know where you can get your next java fix, you are in luck. Here is a list of some of the best coffee shops that Toronto has to offer:

Baretto Café

Baretto Café is what you would refer to as a hidden gem. Tucked into a medical building, most people would not even be aware that such a wonderful little coffee shop exists. It does, however, and offers up some truly great coffee. You can get the usual coffee franchise fare as well as some stronger drinks for caffeine enthusiasts. The coffees are topped with wonderful art, which really does add a nice touch. The cherry on top is the fact that the main courses and the desserts are really quite excellent as well.

Fahrenheit Coffee

This coffee shop is for those who are die-hard coffee fans. If you live for that cup of java in the morning then this the place you should head to. Right away, what sets this coffee joint apart from the others are the baristas. Not only are they incredibly friendly, but they love coffee just as much as you do, maybe even more! As a result, you will know exactly what is going into the Cup of Joe that you are going to enjoy. If you are tired of aloof coffee chains, this is definitely a place that you should visit. Their food is pretty great as well.

Infuse Café

Infuse Café has turned coffee brewing and making into an art form. So if you are looking for something a little different, this is a great spot. It is certainly not for the faint of heart as their coffee is quite strong. Nonetheless, if you want to try out some new and intriguing tastes and flavours, you would have come to the right place. In addition to their coffees, their teas have also gained a considerable amount of fame. Certainly worth checking it out, at least once.

Rooster Coffee House

The Rooster Coffee House is that wonderful balance between franchise coffee place and underground café. The baristas take a lot of care with the drinks, and it certainly shows, as every sip is a delight. In particular, their almond milk latte has proven to be quite popular. Due to the location and the popularity of the place, however, you can expect it to be quite crowded. So if you do not mind rubbing shoulders with the masses, this is a great place for your daily cup of java.

Tandem Coffee

If you have got adventurous taste buds then Tandem Coffee is definitely worth a visit. While they serve a mean Americano, they are best known for their unusual drinks and food. For instance, you should give their black sesame latte a try! With all the options that they offer, this really is a foodie’s paradise. The décor is also quite quaint and appealing – a great touch to an already impressive resume.


Fuel+ is a quirky little coffee house and definitely an experience for all. One of its specialty items is the butter coffee that you should definitely give a try. The owner and staff are incredibly helpful so you don’t need to feel shy asking for help. The food is quite good with lots of vegan and vegetarian options available. It tends to lean to the healthier side so you should be prepared accordingly.

These are some of the best coffee houses in Toronto. Each of them is certainly worth a visit. Not only will you be blown away by the coffee and food, but you will also be impressed by the uniqueness of it all. You might even become a regular.